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House by the Cemetery – Bob

Shoddy dubbing is something that Eurohorror fans have to learn to accept early on.  In the heyday of Italian horror, rarely was everyone on the set comfortable speaking the same language.  Jessica Harper said that construction was going on during … Continue reading

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Cemetery Man – Gnaghi’s Red Face

I’m recovering from a sickness.  This particular sickness saw me feeling the compulsion to try to collect every possible version of every movie that I loved.  It was especially bad when I frequented horror conventions.  I would buy VHS dubs … Continue reading

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Mountain of the Cannibal God – Bedlam in the Cave

A good shock can be one of the most exhilarating experiences a movie can give you.  I’m not talking about cheap shocks.  There’s plenty of crazy stuff going on in modern movies that may be shocking, but are of little … Continue reading

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H.O.T.S. – Topless Huddle

In the history of film, there have been a number of turning points.  Points where things in the medium just can’t go back to they way they were before.  Technological advances like live audio recording or color film come to … Continue reading

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Cannibal Man – Theatrical Trailer

As a horror/exploitation fan, it’s easy to lament about the time in which I grew up.  Born in 1978, I was too young to appreciate my preferred era of slashers (81-84) and I wasn’t even born when my favorite sleazy movies … Continue reading

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