Camera Viscera – I have a thing for blogs run by fake doctors.  Great posts and some original merchandise for sale.

Cinema Sewer – Robin Bougie is on my list of people I’d love to sit down and talk movies with.  Cinema Sewer is the definitive word on sleaze in the movies.

Fringe Void – Lots of fun stuff about trash movies found here.  Dig around and you’ll find something cool.  There’s also a section for monthly smut.  I’m sold.

Girls, Guns, and Ghouls – This guy truly loves cult movies.  He’s been doing this for more than 15 years and his reviews always leave me feeling good.  I’ve discovered several amazing movies here.  He also made the cool banner you see up top!

Horror Binge – I love this guy’s sense of humor and perspective.  His posts are so fun that I often wish I had written them.

Horror Drive-In – Mark’s one of the nicest and coolest guys I’ve never met.  He’s introduced me to a ton of great music and literature over the last 20 years.

Horror Movie a Day – Brian watched a horror movie every single day for a long time earning him the distinction of most dedicated genre fan ever.  He’s really funny, too.

Horror & Sons – Frequent updates and great in depth reviews of horror and old sci-fi.  I also like reading the perspective of other dads.

Matt Serafini – My good friend became a published author.  I can’t think of another writer who catches the spirit of horror movies in novel form.

Obscure Porn – No mystery what you’re getting here.  Covers 1970-2000.  NSFW!

Paragraph Film Reviews – Film reviews that cut right to the chase.  I could learn something from this guy.

Really Awful Movies – Two smart Canadians who have a ton of respect for trash cinema.  Reviews, interviews, and podcasts within.

Scenes of Screen 13 – An exhaustive collection of material from the grindhouse era.  He’s always digging up something cool.

The Tell-Tale Mind – A ton of eclectic content here – music, comics, books, movies.  You’re bound to find something you like

VHS Collector – The best database online for VHS covers.  I use his scans for almost every entry here because I fell in love with most of these movies on VHS.