Movie Index

Black Sabbath – That Face

Blood Shack – Chooper Jubilee!

The Burning – Inept Hospital Staff

Cannibal Man – Trailer

Cannibal Holocaust – Kerman Madness

Cannibal Holocaust – The Most Shocking Part

Cemetery Man – Gnaghi’s Red Face

Cry For Cindy – Good Prostitute Names

Dawn of the Dead – Bigger Bread

Dawn of the Dead – Marching Zombie

Death by Dialogue – Ken Sagoes Lives!

Freddy’s Dead – Looking Young

Friday the 13th – Belly Flops & Boners

Friday the 13th Part II – Moonlight Swim

Friday the 13th Part III – Those Who Died With Dirty Asses

Friday the 13th Part IV – Added Sound FX

Friday the 13th Part IV – Jason’s Curious Behavior

Friday the 13th Part IV – Love is a Lie

Friday the 13th Part IV – The Running Man

Friday the 13th Part IV – Wandering Psychos

Friday the 13th Part V – Cat Abuse

Friday the 13th Part V – Demon in the Outhouse

Friday the 13th Part V – Grief Counseling

Friday the 13th Part VI – Daddy Comforts Megan

Friday the 13th Part VI – Jason’s Motive

Halloween – Wandering Psychos

Halloween II: Casual Domestic Abuse

Halloween 4 – Blond Mask

Halloween 4 – Jamie’s Dead Mother

Halloween: H20 – The Digital Mask

H.O.T.S. – Topless Huddle

House by the Cemetery – Bob’s Voice

House on Sorority Row – Morgan’s Question

Jack Frost – Hologram VHS Cover

Knightriders – Red Shirt Guy

Massacre at Central High – Alternate Title

Mountain of the Cannibal God – Bedlam in the Cave

My Bloody Valentine – Stray Dog

A Nightmare on Elm Street – It’s Just a Dream

Patrick Still Lives – Puss-Kabob

Phantasm – The Contortionist in Lavender

The Prophecy – Recess Time!

Pumpkinhead II – Impressive Cameos

Puppet Master – Gallagher in the Elevator

Puppet Master IV – The Lost Version

Rolls Royce Baby – Coed Naked Kung Fu

Six Swedes on a Campus – Sexy Bike Ride

Slaughter High – Dirty Talk

Sleepaway Camp – Frank the Cop’s Moustache

Sleepaway Camp – Ronnie Pumps Iron

Sleepaway Camp II – The Green Pool

Soapy the Germ Fighter – Puppy Attack

Something Weird Video – Opening Montage

Summer Camp Nightmare – Beef Baloney

Supervixens! – Tub Stomp

Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Keep on Running!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre III – Benny Runs Like a Girl

Texas Chainsaw Massacre III – Dead Armadillo

Zombie Lake – My Inner Pervert

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