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Massacre at Central High – Alternate Title

I won’t even pretend to understand marketing.  My interests are far too specific for me to understand what’s going to appeal to a mass audience.  I’m frequently left scratching my head at the success of some movies and the failure … Continue reading

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Summer Camp Nightmare – Beef Baloney

Growing up, I exhausted the horror sections of many of the local video stores.  It didn’t take long to figure out which sub genres resonated the most with me.  Although I consider myself a horror fan in general, my first … Continue reading

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Soapy the Germ Fighter – Puppy Attack

This one is a little more sentimental for me.  When I first met my wife, I was immediately infatuated.  My fondest memories are of visiting her apartment after we got out of work (11 pm) and watching movies on her pathetic … Continue reading

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Knightriders – The Red Shirt Guy

There is little in this world that I love more than George Romero’s Knightriders.  His oddball follow up to Dawn of the Dead resonates with me completely.  It’s nearly a perfect movie that I could gush about endlessly.  For this collection … Continue reading

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