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Friday the 13th Part V – Cat Abuse

False alarm jump scares are pretty much par for the course with slasher movies.  I’m not a huge fan but, when done effectively, they can keep an audience on its toes.  There seems to be quite a finite number of … Continue reading

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre III – Dead Armadillo

It’s interesting that most horror fans I know are also among the biggest softies around when it comes to animals.  I’m not even talking Italian cannibal level of violence (I’ve never met anyone who finds that anything but repulsive), I’m … Continue reading

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Freddy’s Dead – Looking Young

I’m not sure when that moment is between when we are kids trying to seem older and when we become adults hoping we can still pass for 5 or 10 years younger.  We always want to look like we’re in … Continue reading

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The Prophecy – Recess Time!

I sometimes wonder how accurately I’m remembering recess from elementary school.  It was 15 minutes of pure chaos that sometimes descended into near race riots.  By the school entrance, there were a few adults whose entire function was to yell … Continue reading

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Cemetery Man – Gnaghi’s Red Face

I’m recovering from a sickness.  This particular sickness saw me feeling the compulsion to try to collect every possible version of every movie that I loved.  It was especially bad when I frequented horror conventions.  I would buy VHS dubs … Continue reading

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Pumpkinhead 2 – Impressive Cameos

The first part of the 90s was pretty light in terms of new horror.  By this time, I had exhausted a lot of the titles in the horror sections that I deemed must-see.  There were still gems out there, but … Continue reading

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre III – Benny Runs Like a Girl

There are men and then there are men.  The internet can collectively fawn over Chuck Norris all day, but if you want to find some true badasses, you’re going to have to dig a little deeper.  In the process of … Continue reading

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