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Supervixens – Tub Stomp

Russ Meyer’s career has distinct eras highlighted by shifts in style evident in movies like The Immoral Mr. Teas, Faster Pussycat Kill Kill!, and Vixen.  He also took a detour through the studio system with Beyond the Valley of the … Continue reading

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Blood Shack – Chooper Jubilee!

    I was getting a good laugh out of Blood Shack long before I ever actually watched the movie.  Perusing the horror section of the local video stores, the cover you see just to the left didn’t make too … Continue reading

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Texas Chainsaw Massacre – Keep on Runnin’!

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre is horrifying.  I’ve watched so many of my favorites so many times that they lose some of the effectiveness that was their original appeal.  I know all the beats too well to be genuinely upset or … Continue reading

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Cannibal Man – Theatrical Trailer

As a horror/exploitation fan, it’s easy to lament about the time in which I grew up.  Born in 1978, I was too young to appreciate my preferred era of slashers (81-84) and I wasn’t even born when my favorite sleazy movies … Continue reading

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