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Massacre at Central High – Alternate Title

I won’t even pretend to understand marketing.  My interests are far too specific for me to understand what’s going to appeal to a mass audience.  I’m frequently left scratching my head at the success of some movies and the failure … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dead – Bigger Bread

I know it might be sort of contrary to everything that Dawn of the Dead really stands for, but I can’t help fantasize how awesome it would be to have the complete run of a fully stocked shopping mall. Fleeting … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dead – Marching Zombie

I’ve heard George Romero say that he doesn’t like to give large groups of extras explicit directions on how to walk like zombies because they’ll all do the same thing.  Makes sense, choreographed zombies would probably look like the Thriller … Continue reading

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Rolls Royce Baby – Coed Naked Kung Fu

Almost everyone that I talk to insists that exercise will make me feel better.  I see the logic in it.  I mean I don’t want to get winded going up a flight of stairs or have a heart attack before … Continue reading

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Cry For Cindy – Good Prostitute Names

It’s crazy to think how we have virtually no control over something that is as important to our overall identities as our names.  I think we all sort of think of the many cool things we could name our children … Continue reading

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Phantasm – The Contortionist in Lavender

There aren’t many lifelong horror fans that haven’t found something else to love about the genre beyond the initial thrill of being scared.  That’s where most of us started, but I think we can all agree that true chills are … Continue reading

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H.O.T.S. – Topless Huddle

In the history of film, there have been a number of turning points.  Points where things in the medium just can’t go back to they way they were before.  Technological advances like live audio recording or color film come to … Continue reading

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