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Halloween – Wandering Psychos

Halloween is so beautifully paced that the viewer always gets a little bit of time to settle between spooky incidents.  There’s never enough time to be boring, but enough to maximize the effect of the low key scenes.  Something as … Continue reading

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Zombie Lake – My Inner Pervert

I have a confession to make – I like looking at naked women.  I’m not even talking in an artistic or sophisticated way like you might see in a Radley Metzger film, not always at least.  What I’m talking about … Continue reading

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Sleepaway Camp II – The Green Pool

I’m not an outdoors-y person at all.  I do love camping though, and I’m pretty sure this comes from my complete adoration of 80s camp set slasher movies.  The more a campground looks like something I saw in Friday the … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th Part IV – Jason’s Curious Behavior

Slasher fans tend to be pretty forgiving of lapses in logic.  We kind of have to be.  Some of my favorite movies have pretty baffling things going on.  These are the moments that detractors of the genre have the hardest … Continue reading

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My Bloody Valentine – Stray Dog

Growing up, I always considered myself the expert on the genre.  Looking back, it seems that it was probably more by default than anything else.  I didn’t meet anyone else who liked horror more than casually until high school. There … Continue reading

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Dawn of the Dead – Marching Zombie

I’ve heard George Romero say that he doesn’t like to give large groups of extras explicit directions on how to walk like zombies because they’ll all do the same thing.  Makes sense, choreographed zombies would probably look like the Thriller … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th Part VI – Jason’s Motive

I’m always wary when a sequel takes it as its mission to explain away any sense of mystery that is prevalent in a movie.  The part of Halloween that completely strikes a nerve with me is that Michael stalks Laurie … Continue reading

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Rolls Royce Baby – Coed Naked Kung Fu

Almost everyone that I talk to insists that exercise will make me feel better.  I see the logic in it.  I mean I don’t want to get winded going up a flight of stairs or have a heart attack before … Continue reading

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The Prophecy – Recess Time!

I sometimes wonder how accurately I’m remembering recess from elementary school.  It was 15 minutes of pure chaos that sometimes descended into near race riots.  By the school entrance, there were a few adults whose entire function was to yell … Continue reading

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Friday the 13th Part IV – Love is a Lie

It’s almost impossible to talk with someone about Friday the 13th Part IV for more than five minutes without discussing Crispin Glover’s spastic dance scene.  There’s a good reason for that too.  It’s one of the most memorable scenes in … Continue reading

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