Six Swedes on a Campus – Exercise Bike

vlcsnap-2016-08-27-00h04m13s488There are a few things that have me completely perplexed:

How have I been collecting moments for this site for about two years without ever mentioning Brigitte Lahaie to this point?  Now that I have four kids, a cat, and a beagle with an aversion to pornography, I’ll admit that my smut intake has decreased (or at least become more discreet), but Ms. Lahaie was a major fixation of mine for a long time.

Likewise, how is a movie with an alternate title listed right on the front cover as “Super Porno Girls in un Collegio Svedese” not one of the very first things I add?  That’s one of the coolest titles ever!  Is it common practice to switch languages half with through the title or is there just not a good enough French translation for Super Porno Girls?  When I hear Super Porno Girls it makes me think Marvel really missed the boat with this whole Avengers thing.  Who wouldn’t go see Super Porno Girls: The Age of Ultron?

Finally, why aren’t there more movies featuring young women who engineer bicycles that thrust dildos through the seat when you peddle?

That about sums up today’s entry.  Erwin Dietrich has already been a legend as far as I’ve been concerned for singlehandedly inventing the naked kung fu genre.  He’s in top form once again as you’ll be able to tell from the following pictures.  Note the rampant flexing and frolicking.

There’s not much plot to speak of, but the two title cards sum it up adequately.  The story is narrated by one of the Swedes as she writes a letter discussing the antics going on around campus.



Yeah, that’s about it…

The best of these involves the aforementioned bike.  One of the Swedes is secretly working on something that will make the rest of the girls happy.  While she’s busy welding, she sends Brigitte to a sex shop to buy as many dildos as she can fit into her hands.  A bit more welding takes place and voila, a dildo now thrusts up through the seat of the bike with every peddle.


Dildo bikes don’t build themselves, you know

This is obviously a work of genius but I have to admit that I can see the potential for unpleasantness if I got on the wrong bike by mistake – especially given my affinity for nude cycling.  It also begs the question if anyone ever considered creating a fleshlight equivalent for men.  It wouldn’t be as discreet as this was though.  I’m not sure if I would have the nerve to ride around the Alps with something attached to me like that.


Also featuring gratuitous Erik Falk

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14 Responses to Six Swedes on a Campus – Exercise Bike

  1. It does sound like a pretty self-explanatory title to me. 🙂

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  2. Tony Parsons says:

    I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t seen this one … Erwin Dietrich clearly has a good sense of the ridiculous!

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    • drhumpp says:

      No shame there! I believe they even use the bike again in Six Swedes at a Pump (or maybe Six Swedes in the Alps). They all get jumbled up.

      More often than not, I have a great time with the releases that have his name on them.


  3. vinnieh says:

    Well this caught my attention, from the screenshots.

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  4. Where do you find this stuff????!!! Your c


  5. Where do you find this stuff???!!! You crack me up. I love also reading the colorful comments people leave. Each of you have such remarkable observations… hilarious!

    Swedes were not showing their best here… lol


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