My Bloody Valentine – Stray Dog

mybloodyvalentine-paramount1 ( up, I always considered myself the expert on the genre.  Looking back, it seems that it was probably more by default than anything else.  I didn’t meet anyone else who liked horror more than casually until high school.

There were a few more horror fans in college, but most people there were more into flavor of the moment stuff.  I probably sound like a snob here, but the majority of these people had just gotten into film when it was time to decide on a major.  They tended to pick a few classics in addition to The Godfather, Goodfellas, and maybe some Tarantino movies to go along with a David Fincher infatuation (Fight Club came out at the beginning of my third year).

It wasn’t until the internet became such an integral part of everyone’s lives that I started to realize I wasn’t unique in my obsessions.  There were people all over the world who not only fixated on the genre like I did, but knew a ton more than me.  It’s a little disheartening when you spend so long counting on your love and expertise of something as your identity.  I admit that it took me several years to come to terms with the fact that there was no competition and I didn’t have to “win” being a horror fan.

Now there’s a certain kinship I feel when I meet someone about my age that had similar experiences.  As great as it is to now be able to connect with people across the globe with similar interests, there’s a certain amount of isolation that I felt growing up as a horror fan.  It was part of what made me who I am now.  I didn’t get into these movies to make friends or to fit in with a crowd; as far as I knew, that crowd didn’t exist.  I did it out of love and that sense of identity that I mentioned earlier.  It builds character to put a lot of work into something that no one else is really going to care about.

Before the internet, it really was a lot of work it to be a horror fan.  Following actors, writers, and directors took perseverance.  It was mostly trial and error (and maybe a little help from Fangoria).  There’s little that can match the elation I felt when I realized Tom Savini had done effects for another camp slasher in the early 80s.

Since the internet, I think we’ve all gotten so used to having everything at our fingertips.  The volume of information and content that can be called up at a moments notice is staggering.  In some ways, I feel alienated and left behind as a horror fan.  I often have no idea what people are talking about in regards to new movies and when I listen to horror podcasts I realize that I don’t even measure up on the old stuff as much as I once thought I did.

So, I kind of now realize that I’m right back where I was when I was about twelve.  I honestly love what I love but don’t know a whole lot about other stuff.  Now that I have a large family (four kids and a wife) and a mortgage and all that goes along with it, I realize that I am never going to catch up so to speak.  I have much less time to watch movies than I did ten or fifteen years ago, so I have to be very particular with what I watch.  Do I try to keep up with some of the great looking new releases or do I re-watch some of my favorites that have brought me so much joy over the years?  I try to strike a balance, but lean more toward the latter.

There’s much less chance of being disappointed and and watching some movies on blu ray can be sort of a revelation.  There’s also something to be said for watching the same movies over and over for 20+ years.  You start to either notice things you hadn’t before or find something hilarious that was possibly only mildly amusing before.

That was the case with my recent viewing of My Bloody Valentine.  There’s a scene a little over ten minutes into the movie where the mayor opens a candy box containing an ominous note and a human heart.  This upsets him and the police chief to the point where they pull the truck over and haul ass back to town.  In order to do this, they back into a driveway and pull out in the opposite direction.  That driveway was apparently home to a frisky black dog who gives the truck quite a chase down the road.


It’s not like the dog is hidden or that I never noticed him before, so why did this scene tickle me so much?  I think some of it has to do with how much the little guy reminded me of my old dog.  When I first moved in with my wife, I would always bring her for a walk about ten or fifteen minutes before my wife got home from work.  The dog would see my wife drive by and I would hold her on the leash until the car was closing in on the driveway.  I would unhook the leash and she would barrel toward the house like she was fired out of a cannon.

The dog here has that kind of spirit.  You can almost hear him saying, “Hey guys!  What are we doing?  You want to play?”  He even picks up enough speed that my breath catches a little as I’m afraid he’s going to get out in front of the truck and end up under one of the tires.


I like to think that none of this was intentional and that they left the scene in anyway.  I also picture the driver of the truck in that shot not knowing what to do because the dog was running faster than the vehicle and someone behind the camera yelling, “where the hell did that dog come from?”

Intentional or not, I had a good laugh watching a movie that I’ve probably already scene more than a dozen times.  I may not ever be the horror expert that I once considered myself, but I know that the amount of enjoyment I get out of watching the movies that I truly love can rival anyone anywhere.

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25 Responses to My Bloody Valentine – Stray Dog

  1. Self awareness is good. 😉 And having that passion probably makes you a really fun and fascinating person to be friends with! lol

    Do your students know this side of you? Do you incorporate it into your teaching persona? When you mentioned “Since the internet, I think we’ve all gotten so used to having everything at our fingertips,” I was like YEASSS! I just had this thought the other day when I passed by the library. My 7 yr old daughter had a butterfly research project due and we just pulled the info from the Internet. There’s no way she would have thought to go to the library to pull research info from an encyclopedia or books on the subject. And she has no idea how lucky she is. We actually had to work for our information! I have to imagine this too would go through your mind with your students and own kids!

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    • drhumpp says:

      You’re far too kind!

      As for school, I absolutely share my love of horror movies with the students. We actually make a short movie every year just before summer vacation. I do keep my real name off of this blog and social media just because I like to be free to delve into the seedier side of it all. It would be very easy for a parent to misunderstand or be uncomfortable with some of the stuff I write about. I wouldn’t blame them, but I do have more to my identity than just being a teacher. Hopefully my secret stays safe and I can continue to enjoy both aspects of my life.

      As for the access to information. I most ways, it’s a good thing. You can learn so much more from a good internet search than you could from my grandparents’ old encyclopedias.

      The other side of that is, most students have a really difficult time discerning useful, relevant, or even true information from what they read. They like to start with google, which immediately points to Wikipedia. I’ve had some funny students edit the Wikipedia pages as sort of a joke.

      The other thing is what you said, you had to work for information. If you put some work into it, it’s more likely to stick with you.

      Thanks for stopping by my dingy corner of the internet. It’s great to get feedback from someone I respect so much. It’s also nice to hear from people that aren’t genre fans.

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      • Wiki… I worry for our future! lol! Just kidding. You’re right, absolutely tons of info out there on the Internet. But there’s something to good ole fashioned leg work that makes something stick with you. I remember the most random facts from childhood… Totally weird! Lol

        I hope you keep your veil of secrecy so you can comfortably post and share. You’re absolutely right that people think teachers can only and always be perfect role models in and out of classroom. That’s unfair. And unrealistic.

        And your site is fun! I gain new perspective on something I typically wouldn’t know about; and I enjoy your humor! Keep it up!!!

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      • drhumpp says:

        I love having access to the internet, but I’m kind of glad I didn’t grow up with it. As a kid, when I committed to renting a movie for the weekend, I lived with it. It was rare to get a video that I’d watch only once. Now with Netflix, it’s so easy to flick one on and then change within a few minutes. I don’t blame kids, but I think too much, too soon can be detrimental. That even goes for education. We’re trying to cram curriculum in earlier and earlier, even though we’re all aware of the research that tells us that the brain doesn’t work that way.

        I’m rambling again – sorry!

        Thank you for the compliments on this place. Yours is an engaging story that I’m so glad I found. I look forward to your posts so much. Talk about a new perspective.

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      • Ramble away! I’m totally with you!! Instant gratification and information overload (without depth)…

        Thanks for the compliments! Happy to entertain you! 😉 Cheers to new friendships this year!

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  2. Now I have to rewatch My Bloody Valentine to look for the dog!

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  3. I like noticing little things in movies I have watched a dozen (or a hundred) times before. One that I enjoy now is in Friday the 13th. When Ned sees Jack and Marcie walking together, you can feel the bit of sadness I think is intentional, seeing as he has no “special someone”, at least at the camp. He then whistles his little tune as he walks on a log like a balance beam, right before he spies Mrs. Voorhees duck into a cabin and follows. Just a little scene, but love the depth it gives to the “jokester character” of Ned. 🙂

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    • drhumpp says:

      You’re absolutely right. I haven’t seen the most movies, but it can be rewarding to watch a few multiple times. That is a cool moment you mentioned.

      I love in Friday IV when the paramedics and everyone leave after cleaning up the events from part 3. The camera lingers alone a few beats after all the noise and lights have died down. It’s pretty eerie.

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  4. Tony Parsons says:

    Great insights as ever! Thanks to the internet, I now have more films than I will probably get to see in a lifetime. Imagine thinking that would ever happen back in the old VCR days or … or even pre VCR if you’re ancient like me … it was just whatever showed up on TV. Yet somehow we ended up enthusiasts for this type of thing. I wonder of children of the internet age get overwhelmed with what’s out there and have no idea where to start? I still haven’t seen My Bloody Valentine!

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    • drhumpp says:

      The amount of stuff available today is overwhelming. I think I was 6 or 7 when my family got their first VCR. The idea that you could watch any movie at home was a big deal.

      I still treasure the early video days. If I rented a movie from Video Paradise, I lived with it for the weekend. I think it’s hard to understand what that was like for a kid unless you went through it. It’s very specific to a certain era.

      As for My Bloody Valentine, it’s one of my favorite slashers of the early 80s. I’d love to hear your thoughts!


  5. Haven’t seen this in ages. Looks like it is time for another go so I can discover something I might have missed as well – including the dog.

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  6. emmakwall says:

    Nice post 🙂 I always love reading stuff on here that’s quite personal, whether it’s about a movie or a book or whatever it’s nice to have something personal in there as well. The film choices your fellow students chose made me laugh to myself, not that there’s anything wrong with any of those choices! But so, so ‘standard’ 🙂

    I can see why you find that dog scene amusing too! It’s great when something so small can tickle you, even better when someone else finds it funny too.

    And that’s a very good point about the internet making it easy nowadays to find information. Not so much back in the day. I wouldn’t even presume to be have your kind of knowledge on horror movies either, but I’ve ALWAYS loved them, horror movies are my favourite genre. And one of the things I find the hardest (or the best…) is people saying to me I must be ‘odd’ to watch the movies I do. My family never understood it and it’s a hard one to explain! “why do I enjoy watching people have their teeth knocked out with a hammer? Well……”

    Since I moved into my flat with very thin walls I do think the neighbours think I’m strange sometimes too. A LOT of steaming comes out of my TV!

    Sorry I wrote this really fast may not even make sense!

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    • drhumpp says:

      You’re right, there’s nothing really wrong with those movies. I know I sound like an elitist snob when I say things like that. I just found that I connected better with people that had been into movies for a while.

      It can be hard to explain, but that’s what makes it so great when you meet someone of like mind. It feels like your kindred spirits. Going to horror conventions for guests can be fun, but meeting other horror fans is absolutely the best. Especially when they have an affinity for the same era of films as I do.

      So, you’re making perfect sense to me!

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      • emmakwall says:

        You don’t sound like an elitist snob in the slightest, promise!! That never crossed my mind 🙂

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      • drhumpp says:

        Thanks! It’s just that I can get caught up in my own preferences so much, I try to remind myself that my tastes aren’t in any way superior.

        When you have specific tastes, it’s all the more exciting when you meet someone who shares them. I can get sidetracked by some of these topics for hours.

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      • emmakwall says:

        Well that’s very decent of you! Movies do tend to bring out our most argumentative, snobbish tendencies as well lol

        I understand completely what you mean though I will throw something out there – it’s also nice to be different! Sometimes I almost don’t wanna meet someone ‘just’ like me lol, I’d rather surprise people with my tastes and be ‘different’.

        This is all a secret by the way! Don’t tell anyone!! Haha.

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      • drhumpp says:

        I’m sure I’ve had some pretty pointless arguments about what was better when I was growing up.

        You’re right. It is nice to be different. It’s completely refreshing to meet someone who sees things differently without trying. I think that’s why I was so fond of that female student in the Harry Potter series, Luna. She existed a little separately from everyone else. It’s also the part that I think was cast best.


      • drhumpp says:

        By the way, your secret’s safe here. #vault 🙂


  7. emmakwall says:

    P.S Damn I wish I had proofread that!

    “A lot of *screaming comes out of my TV ”

    and other silly mistakes I’m sure you can read through haha.

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  8. vinnieh says:

    You are very perceptive, I recently saw this film for the first time and also noticed the dog.


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