Friday the 13th Part VI – Jason’s Motive

Friday 6I’m always wary when a sequel takes it as its mission to explain away any sense of mystery that is prevalent in a movie.  The part of Halloween that completely strikes a nerve with me is that Michael stalks Laurie for so long because of a chance encounter.  That sort of fragile mental state is unsettling.  As much as I enjoy some of the sequels, the motive given to Michael takes a bit of wind out of the movies’ collective sails.

That said, sometimes an explained motive is so awesome that all can be easily forgiven.  In this case, I’m talking about Jason Voorhees.  Now, of course his motive seems reasonably cut and dry.  His mother was killing camp counselors in the original in order to avenge the accidental drowning of her son.  Beginning with part 2, Jason is killing people to avenge the intentional beheading of his mother.

Of course, he accomplishes this in the opening scenes of the first sequel, so why does he keep killing?  It can be assumed that he’s blaming all horny teenagers and everyone associated with them for his mother’s death and that he’s determined to keep everyone away from Crystal Lake.  That may be part of it, but the primary motive wasn’t revealed for years.

It started when Alice Cooper became involved in the soundtrack for part 6.  He has three songs in the movie, and the main theme, He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask), may be the coolest song every written.  A demo version of that song was also included on his 1999 box set.  Normally demo versions of songs are nothing more than mild curiosity pieces for me.  I’ll listen to them once or twice, and then file them away.  This one is different though.  It’s set to the music from another song on Constrictor, Trick Bag.  It also delves into Jason’s motive a bit.  Take a look at the chorus:

He’s back
The man behind the mask
And he’s out of control
He’s back
The man behind the mask
He crawled out of his hole
Just to rock and roll

I assume that the song had to be rewritten to preserve some of the sense of mystery and that this led to the version that we all know and love.  I also assume that, for similar reasons, all scenes of Jason actually rocking and rolling were deleted from the final film.  This leads me to the unavoidable conclusion that Jason was primarily interested in rocking before he was put in the hole as well.

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.10.30 AM

I knew it!

Check out the demo version here:



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10 Responses to Friday the 13th Part VI – Jason’s Motive

  1. Weird, I was listening to the film version yesterday. This explains why Hockeymask knocked off J.J. in Jason Takes Manhattan. He was jealous of her star potential. I’ve read there are numerous deleted scenes of him jamming up on the mast of the ship with J.J.’s guitar in a lightning storm, but it’s unconfirmed.

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    • drhumpp says:

      Hockeymask lives to rock.

      I’ve heard about those scenes, too. It’s my understanding that he was jamming to Darkest Side of the Night from the opening credits. Again, nothing is confirmed, but by all accounts, it was awesome.

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  2. Aaron says:

    I heard that it was actually Jason who wrote The Ballad of Harry Warden during his folk music phase. Slumping record sales (along with an intense desire just to rock and roll) caused him to grab the hockey mask and rebrand himself.

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    • drhumpp says:

      Jason’s folk music phase is not well documented. It’s too bad, because the creative output from that period was superb.

      That’s not to say that I don’t like the rock stuff. The deleted scene from part 6 where he literally crawls out of his hole and says, “Let’s rock” heralded the start of something truly special.

      I’m hoping for a career spanning box set.

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  3. Jeff Hayes says:

    Perhaps it’s his way of saying goodbye to those he had to kill because when the “moon was full” they “had a chance” but the blew it! They were alone for their “last dance” and Jason’s guitar anthems for them are their “last romance”.

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    • drhumpp says:

      When I read this, I pictured each phrase you put in quotes punctuated by the keyboard notes from the song. I like to assume those notes would accompany you if you said it out loud too.


  4. Jay says:

    There’s a part of me that’s laughing through the tension.

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  5. This might be one of the best comment sections ever. 🙂

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