Friday the 13th – Belly Flops and Boners

Say what you will about Friday the 13th, but I’ve watched it at least a few times every year for about 25 years and I’ve never been sick of it.  I know every beat and it doesn’t even come close to scaring me like it did when I was eleven.  Still, there’s something that always keeps me coming back.  It’s like a favorite song.  I enjoy it as much when I’m only sort of paying attention as I do when I’m watching it closely. Truthfully, I could include most of this movie in my curious collection, so don’t be surprised to see it pop up in theses pages again.  There is one moment though that has caught my fancy for years.

Here’s how it happened:  Camp owner Steve Christie heads into town and tells his group of counselors to keep busy and that he’ll be back after lunch.  They immediately strip down to their bathing suits and start lounging on the dock.  It’s all fairly innocent, with jokes about Rocky Road and discussions of the functions of vitamin C until Kevin Bacon’s character Jack shows up in his speedo. It’s not only the speedo that’s curious here.  It’s the junk that Jack is apparently packing in there as well as the decision to frame the shot just so.  The scene is playing along in an expected fashion when Jack walks into frame boner first.  It’s not as disturbing for the other characters in the shot; they’re lying flat on their backs, a safe distance away.  It’s the audience that ends up feeling violated.  It’s like when you’re sitting in a low chair and someone stands with his crotch inches from your face.  It’s unsettling. image(1) Taking a close look also raises the question, what’s wrong with his hog?  I’m not a penis expert, but I’ve seen enough to know that they aren’t usually so flat on the end.  It looks like the end of a hose.  Did he run into a wall when he had an erection?

KevinIt might sound strange, but anytime I watch this movie with someone for the first time, I look forward to this shot so that I can watch their reaction.  When I caught Friday the 13th on the big screen about eight years ago, I was ecstatic to watch an entire theater react.  Unfortunately, the framing was slightly off and the boner was off the corner of the screen enough that it got no reaction whatsoever.  If people knew what they were missing, they would have demanded their money back. Now this alone would be enough to earn a spot in this collection, but there’s more to celebrate.  As the kids are getting ready to get back to work, they notice that prankster Ned appears to be drowning.  The counselors spring right into action, one going for a life preserver while the other two dive in to save their precocious friend.  Brenda dives smoothly and barely makes a splash.  Jack runs right behind her and jumps in as well.  I don’t know if he was trying to cover more distance in the air than she did, but he spreads his entire body out for one of the most badass belly flops I’ve ever seen.


What is going on here?  Jack is not the goofball character Ned is; he’s supposed to be the macho kid in the group.  No one in the movie acknowledges his goofy aquatics, so I think this one rests squarely on Bacon.  I can’t imagine that director Sean Cunningham instructed Bacon flop into the lake like an eight year old.  In his mind, I think he envisioned himself gracefully flying through the air while overtaking Marcie.  I picture this being a one shot deal that probably wasn’t worth the energy to dry everyone off for another take  I also picture Kevin Bacon yelling, “Holy shit, that hurt!” right after the camera cuts away.There’s no earth-shattering revelation here that will sway the opinion of someone who dislikes the movie, but for me, it’s just another couple of things that always make me smile.  Friday the 13th is full of them.

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39 Responses to Friday the 13th – Belly Flops and Boners

  1. I have seen this multiple times as well, but can honestly say I have never noticed this. I cannot help but think that this is all I will notice now. Thanks. lol

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  2. Steve says:

    Brilliant. I’ve not yet noticed this but will defo be looking out for it!

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  3. Chris says:

    I’ve always laughed at the belly flop, but never noticed the frightening genital display. I’m sure now it will be much like sexy Flanders(It feels like I’m wearing nothing at all!) and I won’t be able to erase the image.Although I’m not surprised. I remember watching some kevin bacon movie(Wild Things?) that has a scene with him in the shower. I’ve had deep seeded feelings of inadequacy ever since.

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    • drhumpp says:

      Heh heh. I noticed his junk long before I noticed the belly flop. Not sure what that says about me. It’s always the moment I wait for during the dock scene.

      I haven’t seen Wild Things. If I remember correctly, it was notorious for a scene where Neve Campbell makes out with another woman. Can’t remember which woman though.


    • Karen says:

      Saw that too! Wondered if there was trick photog going on, but I’ve studied Bacon’s hambone enough to be satisfied that any woman of his has been too!


  4. Tony Parsons says:

    I now know more about Kevin Bacon’s anatomy than I had ever really cared to! There is certainly something odd going on down there … maybe extra-constrictive swimming trunks?

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  5. You, sir, never fail to amaze me! I too have never noticed the Bacon Boner, but now that I’ve seen it, I’ll likely never unsee it. That’s one weird looking little Kevin.


  6. Aaron says:

    I’m going to pose the possibility that the two shots you describe were filmed out of sequence and the disastrous belly flop is actually what caused the flattened boner-end.

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  7. Not alone in the long-standing unsettled feelings over the Bacon Boner. Have felt the same way for years. Just part of the film now, a moment to get through.

    A different moment in the dock scene is one I always think of when watching. When Brenda looks out across the lake and is supposedly feeling like someone is watching them, we get a shot of the far end of the lake, where she is looking toward. I always wondered: Are we supposed to notice someone hiding in the foliage, watching them? Is there an actor or an extra there, hidden, barely noticeable? Or is it just a shot of the lake and the woods, no one hiding and watching. Probably the latter, but I still look. LOL

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    • drhumpp says:

      I always look closely too. I figure Mrs. Voorhees is supposed to be there (probably getting a little pissed about the drowning levity) but I don’t think they took the time to put someone there.

      I used to have the same issue when Ned sees her go into the cabin. I caught a screening once and felt like you could almost catch the face in a few frames.


  8. vinnieh says:

    Can’t say I ever noticed. I wouldn’t if Bacon was aware of what was going on?

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  9. vinnieh says:

    I actually watched the film on Halloween and noticed the two things you pointed out here. That was one hell of a belly flop.

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  10. Candice McGuire says:

    Thank you so much for this laugh-out-loud commentary! I am watching the movie for the first time since I saw it as a young teenager in the 80s. I spotted the weird, laughable boner placement and immediately sat upright, then was treated to the belly flop. I had to grab the remote to hit the pause button right away to Google it and see if anybody else on the world wide web had commented on what my disbelieving eyes had just seen. There you were. What a treat.
    Ironically, when Kevin Bacon first appeared on the screen in that bathing suit I thought, hmmm, nothing much going on there. Oddly flat and smooth. Then bam!
    Happy Halloween!

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    • drhumpp says:

      I can’t tell you how much it makes my day to read this. I write so specifically about what amuses me that it’s always a thrill when it resonates with someone else.

      I caught Friday again on at a screening about 10 years ago. I was looking forward to seeing how the audience reacted to that shot. Unfortunately, it was framed improperly and that part was just about cut off.

      Thanks for stopping by and dropping me a message!


  11. Kate says:

    I haven’t watched this since I was a kid. Now my kid wanted to watch it. I was shocked by the boner! Then silently laughed inside at the belly flop. Then immediately Googled “Kevin Bacon boner Friday 13th.” Ha! So happy you wrote this. Belly Flops and Boners! Ha!

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    • drhumpp says:

      I didn’t notice the boner as a kid. I wonder if it was as obvious on the full frame VHS tape I watched…

      The specific terms that people have searched to arrive at this post are hilarious.

      kevin bacons penis friday 13
      speedo boner public erection photo
      we watched him shit his speedo
      kevin bacon’s hard on on friday the 13th
      accidental boner caught
      was there a “boner” in friday the 13th part 2
      kevin bacins penis in friday the 13th
      belly boner
      boners that make me smile
      can a boner lie flat
      15 yo speedo boner
      “kevin bacon” speedos
      kevin bacon big boner in friday 13th

      and permutations on the formula. I’m pretty sure most of my traffic didn’t find what they were looking for, so I’m happy top see someone enjoyed this!

      Thanks for stopping by!


  12. Karen says:

    If you look really close on a home screen you can see through that swim suit – there seems to be a whte bandage or some sort of tape around the end, to hide the ridge perhaps, and the reason it looks square and hollowed out is because there must have been some “drawing up” after it was applied. He looks chilled. That’s what my mother and I came up with and we both agree that his hog could win a Blue Ribbon at the County Fair!


  13. Karen says:

    The frame and right before Kevin hits the water his arms around his feet are pointed towards the water his chest as even slightly downward so if he flopped it didn’t hit his belly very hard and I think maybe he actually was in the water before the scene prior was shot and perhaps that’s what the shrinkage was all about. From what I can see through that swimsuit, the bandage that is on the tip is called a ‘blister pak’ and it has strips of very thin white paper around the edges that are supposed to be pulled off completely when you apply it some of it is still on there, which is making the “corners” on his “close-up” after it drew up about a half inch. It appears he got the tingles from being chilled, his “duffle bag” is drawn up so tight, his “bat” can’t help but stick out!

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  14. Karen says:

    Saw Wild Things too! Wondered if there was any trick photoggy going on, but I’ve studied Bacon’s hambone enough to be satisfied that any woman of his has been too!


  15. Ron says:

    To the author. Stumbed across your page here and am wiping the tears away from laughing so hard. Im watching The Darkness at this moment in time and whenever I see KB my mind eventually comes around to that speedo shot that has confounded me ever since I was 16 years old and had just discovered the world of concert shirts, girls in tight levis (one of my favorite memories😏), and cheech and chong after being brought up in a ultra strict religious sheltered (but loving) household. Not yet being very worldly that scene just stuck in my head but I thought I was the only person that ever noticed it as NO ONE had ever brought it up and wasnt untill years later that I saw the movie again and showed it to my wife that she knew the scene but not the “end chopped off look” and we ended up having a laugh over it. I also noticed the dive scene you mentioned in your very funny article here and it dawned on me, thus the reason for my response here, that maybe the end of his junk got that way from all the years of those junk 1st belly flop dives and it ended up flattening the end of it because of the hitting a solid wall effect of all the belly flop dives. Just a thought
    Anyway, thanks for the laughs. Havent laughed that hard in years.

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    • drhumpp says:

      Hey Ron,

      Thanks so much for your comment! It makes my day to hear people getting a kick out of the stuff here. I do have intention of updating it again. Hopefully that will happen soon. Comments like this are really motivating.

      It was a long time before I ever met someone who enjoyed this type of humor. Through this site, I’ve been fortunate enough to run into people like you.

      As someone who has about the same amount of diving skill seen here, I agree with your solid wall theory. This is precisely why I stopped diving with boners.

      Thanks again for stopping by!


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