Friday the 13th Part VI – Daddy Comforts Megan

Friday 6It’s not often in my life that I have to deliver bad news.  Even when I do, it’s minor stuff.  Early on in my marriage, I had to inform my wife that her cat had died, but even this was somewhat expected.  We tried to make the animal a comfortable spot and every morning I would check on her.  Sometimes I would have a hard time telling if she was still alive.  The breathing was shallow and, frankly, the cat was fat.  I couldn’t see her chest moving.  If she was sleeping comfortably, I didn’t want to wake her up.  I would stare for a while until I was convinced that she hadn’t expired yet.  Still, I was worried that I wouldn’t know when she passed on and would inadvertently leave a dead cat on the floor for a week or so.

Well, it’s easier to tell a dead cat than I thought.  When I found her, her paws were in the air, her eyes were clenched shut, and her lips were stretched back in a horrifying rictus!  What the hell happened?  Did something terrify her right before she died?  It made me appreciate morticians much, much more.  If my grandmother looked like that at her funeral, I would have never slept again.

Black Sabbath

Sweet dreams!

I’ve never had to inform someone of something unthinkable.  I’m not all that good at being serious and solemn.  I don’t know how police and doctors could do that on a regular basis.

Considering that I’ve learned most things I know from Friday the 13th movies, I’m turning to them once again.  All I could come up with here though, was exactly what to not do.   Like most female leads in Friday movies, Megan has the majority of her friends killed by Jason.  Unlike most female leads in Friday the 13th movies, Megan has a sheriff father who breaks the news to her in an absurdly graphic way.

Here’s how it went down.  Jason has crawled out of his hole and is up to his old tricks.  Sheriff Garris, not one to believe in murderous corpses, thinks the male lead, Tommy, is responsible.  Megan is smitten with Tommy.  While the three are bickering, Garris gets a call from his deputy informing him of the demise of some of Megan’s pals.

Megan reads his shift in tone and wants to know what’s wrong.  He puts her off for a bit, but, honestly, he’s not trying very hard.  After a few seconds of not-so-intense grilling, he gives in and tells her that “They just found your friend Court and some girl.  Her head was crushed and Court, he had a knife rammed through his skull!”

Holy crap!  Way to sugarcoat it, dad!

Like I said, I’m not good at serious and solemn.  Maybe I should take a page from Sheriff Garris’s book and deliver any bad news I might have like a madman who is just barely able to contain his rage.

Sheriff Garris

Thank you Tom McLoughlan and David Kagen.  You guys created a moment that I’ve enjoyed so much that I had to add it to my collection.

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8 Responses to Friday the 13th Part VI – Daddy Comforts Megan

  1. Tony Parsons says:

    That corpse from Black Sabbath is one of the most terrifying sights ever put on the screen! Do you enjoy the Friday films once Jason is a reanimated corpse? I watched the first Friday the other night and enjoyed it immensely, but am suspecting my preference is for the series being vaguely realistic and having a ‘living’ Jason.


    • drhumpp says:

      Black Sabbath is one of the few movies that genuinely scared me as an adult. It made me feel just like I used to when I was a kid. That corpse will get her own entry in the future.

      I rewatched the first Friday with a teenager last year who knew very little about the series. He bought into it completely. It was one of the most enjoyable times I’ve seen it…and I’ve seen it a lot.

      My favorite F13 movies are the first 4, especially 2 & 4. 5 & 6 are a ton of fun for different reasons. They’re no longer even remotely scary, but there’s enough going on for me to enjoy. After 6, my interest in the series wanes.


  2. The way the Sherriff tells his daughter that in this movie reminds me of a similar scene in Scary Movie 3 when he tells the little girl his teacher is dead and then he run over her dog while parking the car – “Everyone you love is dying!”

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    • drhumpp says:

      I haven’t seen Scary Movie 3, is the rest of the movie good? Breaking bad news harshly is an underused comedy convention. It’s even better when not intentional!

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      • Unintentional – another great comedy spoof moment is in Loaded Weapon when Samuel L Jackson’s wife wants to take a guy she just met to her mother’s and he says its time she got over her mother’s death before he realizes he forgot to give her that message. Brilliant. As for the Scary Movie films they are an acquired taste at times and as time goes on they do get worse.

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      • drhumpp says:

        That scene sounds hilarious. That clever approach to humor is an important element that most spoofs miss. I don’t like it as much when they’re so afraid that someone is going to miss a joke that they beat you over the head with it.

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      • I know exactly what you mean. Comedy is a fine art BUT recently I have found that the best comedies have hidden jokes you only pick up the 100th time you watch a movie. I am a HUGE fan of Ghostbusters and have watched it so many times I know the script yet only recently I caught on to the “Go get her Ray” gag at the end referring to the scene at the beginning in the library. Thats what makes a comedy movie timeless but you are right when the gag is hammered in to you its just not funny.


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