Friday the 13th Part V – Demon in the Outhouse & The Greatest Disappointment of My Adult Life

Friday V VHS

About half way through Friday the 13th – A New Beginning, the three main characters must leave the Pinehurst Youth Development Center (the halfway house where Part IV’s Tommy Jarvis resides) so that most of the supporting cast can be dispatched.  In order to do this, the filmmakers chose to have them visit Reggie the Reckless’s older brother Demon in a trailer park.  Our resourceful killer (not Jason this time, but a disgruntled paramedic) is nothing if not efficient though, taking care of business at both locales with ease.

I assume he followed our heroes here because of the beef he had with Pinehurst, but it’s hard to be sure.  This guy gets around and the victims in Part 5 are the most eclectic of the entire series.

After the main characters leave the trailer park, Demon gets a case of the runs courtesy of some “damn enchiladas” and beats a path straight to the outhouse.  That outhouse is rife with curiosities:


1. Someone wrote “Fadden Was Here” on the wall.  Victor J. Fadden was an extremely angry resident of Pinehurst who sets off the events of the film by chopping up an annoying fat guy who probably didn’t deserve it.  Had Fadden been in this shitter a long time ago, or is it being suggested that he has escaped?  If he had escaped, would he really be leaving notes as to where he had been?  Maybe this is supposed to serve as a red herring seeing as we don’t find out the killer’s identity until the end but this all seems a little too subtle for Friday V.

2. While Demon is in the port-o-potty, his girlfriend Anita begins shaking the outhouse.  Demon doesn’t find this funny at all and tells her, “You’re gonna get it, bitch!”  Anita soothes him by cooing a song whose only words appear to be “ooo baby” and “hey baby”.  Demon reciprocates and, in doing so, creates one of the most memorable non horror moments of the series.


ooo baby


hey baby

You know you’re in the company of a likeminded fan if you start singing this and someone completes it.  Just a warning though, if you’re not in the company of a like minded fan, you’ll look like an idiot.*

3. Demon dies without wiping his ass.  This is not the first or even the second time this has happened in the series.  It’s not like he died sitting on the toilet; he pulled up his drawers but left his ass dirty.  I know ass wiping isn’t exactly cinematic gold, but frankly, neither are dirty bathroom scenes.

Friday V has more oddball charm in this 2 minute scene than most movies do in their full run time.  And this is only scratching the surface.  This won’t be the only artifact from Danny Steinmann’s classic that ends up in Dr. Humpp’s collection.

*One of the greatest disappointments of my life involves this do I/don’t I sing “ooo baby” scenario.  In the summer of 2009, I was at the Monster-Mania convention in Cherry Hill, NJ with my good friends Jeff and Matt.  There was a screening of Friday V, along with a reunion of the cast and director.

Before either of these events though, I notice that I’m heading into one of the hotel’s bathrooms at the same time as Miguel A. Nunez Jr. (the actor who played Demon).  Even more incredible is the fact that the urinals we’re using are side by side.  I know at that moment that I’m faced with a once in a lifetime opportunity for a Friday the 13th fan.  I have the opportunity to recreate, with the original actor, one of my favorite scenes in film history.

Of course that opportunity involves a fare amount of risk, as well.  I’m fully aware that some people don’t like to be bothered in the pisser and I could very well be risking a punch in the mouth.  Then again, what’s a one time punch in the mouth in the face of such a great reward?  If he sings back “ooo baby, hey baby” even once, I know that I’ll have a story that I’ll be telling my great grandchildren.

I steadied myself and got ready to take my chances.  Even if this goes horribly wrong, I can still tell my great grandchildren that I got punched in the mouth by Juwanna Man.  How cool is that?  As I opened my mouth to sing, Nunez Jr. finished his business, spit once in the urinal, washed his hands, and left.

I can’t deny that I was feeling pretty empty after this.  Especially when Nunez Jr. showed up to introduce the screening and was singing this as he walked to the stage.  The man obviously has a sense of humor about it.  Although I’ll never know for sure, I’d like to think that I wouldn’t have gotten punched in the face that summer.

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7 Responses to Friday the 13th Part V – Demon in the Outhouse & The Greatest Disappointment of My Adult Life

  1. Jeff says:

    I think it would have been a SURREAL moment for both you and him if you had begun singing the song while you were both pissing. It would have been one of the most surreal moments of your life (if not the most surreal moment of you life). 🙂


    • drhumpp says:

      You’re right about that. I don’t think I would have regretted singing it any way it went. Too bad you were busy. I bet I would have been braver if I had some people in the bathroom that would have “gotten” it.


  2. markmc2012 says:

    I have not watched this one in forever. i like the first three a lot, but four and five bored me.


    • drhumpp says:

      2 and 4 are still my favorites. 5 took a little while to grow on me. It’s not scary in the least and completely over the top. When I’m in he mood for that kind of nonsense though, it’s hard to find a better movie.


      • markmc2012 says:

        I like six a lot too although it seems like most people aren’t to big on that one.


      • drhumpp says:

        I think six is great fun, but, again, feels very different from the early ones. The humor is good and never at Jason’s expense

        6 is actually the last entry that I really love. Some of the later movies have their moments, but all have some nonsense that doesn’t work for me.


      • markmc2012 says:

        Six had kind of a Frankenstein feel for me with Jason’s revival. I also that a number of the victims and survivors were more likable than usual.


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